Reflect: Never Eat Alone

Never Eat AloneThe title of this post is from a book I read a few years ago called…. “Never Eat Alone- and other secrets to success one relationship at a time.

I don’t know why I picked this book up a few years ago, but I do remember that ever since I read that, I make sure to always find a way to share my meals. I just like conversation, and being able to really know someone on a deeper level.

Often times we are too busy to meet other people because we are “working,” and then we have to go to these events and “network.” I’ve had so many awkward networking encounters that I hate; I can’t stand the whole concept of meeting strangers and selling yourself superficially.

Getting to know people on a deeper level, to the point where we have inside jokes, or can identify subtle things like: how they pick up a fork, how they cut off the borders of their toast, or how they like their coffee– are very comforting to me.

I like the subtle details of a meal.



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