Explore: Glow Deli & Afterglow


I’m not a vegan, but lately I’ve found myself in the company of vegans and health-obsessed inspired friends. (You know who you are!) These friends were raving about this raw food restaurant that recently opened in Singapore. So, my friend and I made our way over to Glow Deli, a deli by day and at night transforms into a bar called Afterglow, where they serve their own healthy cocktails.

I learned about the whole farm- to- table movement, and how this restaurant sources their ingredients from local farms. The result? A minimal menu that is based on what produce is available each day; sometimes, the menu even changes between lunch and dinner.

Nice. I like variety.


I found this place really fascinating because I already am a whole fan of “Process” and how things are made. I love the idea of working with what’s available, and being resourceful to come up with something creative. I think training our minds to look at how we can make the most of what we have is a great “thinking” trait to have.


Apart from making the most with their food, Glow also creates their own brand of fresh juices, and sells a curated range of organic toiletries in their store.


I left feeling quite inspired because every inch of the place had a very personal, creative vibe to it. While I am no raw food critic, I do think the meals were a great, non-intimidating intro to the variety of how good raw dishes can be.

Visit Glow Deli at 24 Keong Saik Street

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