Reflect: My Change Clothes Journey

Reflect: The Change Clothes Journey

Building your own dream is not as easy as I imagined it to be. I’ve been fortunate to assist in so many start-up ideas & businesses within the last few years, but still nothing can prepare me for the journey of being my own “boss.”

Everyday I have to keep making decisions that I didn’t know I had to do. In trying to deal with the overwhelm, I just remember that I have to take things one step at a time.

When Change Clothes started in 2012, I was really focused on building this as slowly as I could, however, ensuring that each step is a solid one. (Also, I am still juggling this work with my other freelance writing and hosting jobs). I didn’t want to market this all over the place and then disappear the next year. I didn’t want to be inconsistent. I wanted this to be something that could really last for a long time; hence, we needed a strong foundation.

The journey has had it’s ups & downs… Learn a bit, and then apply it. Make mistakes, and then correct it. Make a plan and then make sure it gets done. Change directions last minute and start all over again.

The slow but constant growth is a blessing, allowing me to tackle the battles one step at a time. However this year, I do feel like we are ready for more quantum leaps.

And there will be.:)

In the meantime, anyone interested can leave their  e-mail address on our website so we can keep you updated. I will appreciate it 🙂

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