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I became a fan of Teresa Palmer not for her acting, but because I stumbled upon her website: YourZenLife. At times when I was doubting so many things about myself, I would often look to this site as a source of inspiration and comfort.

The articles, contributed by people around the world, would focus on mind, body, and soul topics- which I feel offers a lot of realness on the internet.

In a time where everything can be focused on image and outside aspects of self, they look at the inner essence of what life is about.

In the past, I never felt like I wanted to have a blog because I had all these preconceived ideas about how blogging would be like. This website really inspired me to focus on message and impact.

Despite Teresa being an actress, there is no air of pretentiousness; she is vulnerable, honest and willing to share her journey in a way that inspires people. Me included.

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