Read: The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is one of the books I recommend to help one remove their blocks in creativity.


With lessons spread over 12 chapters (one chapter per week), Julia goes through a specific topic in each chapter and then provides exercises for the week.

One exercise called “The Morning Pages” involved daily stream-of-consciousness writing that really influenced me. I feel like it helped me express even the subtle thoughts lingering in the back of my head.

My favorite point was when Julia reminds us that sometimes creativity is the result of being guided by something higher than yourself.

I often hear other artists say, “Well, I didn’t write this. I just heard it in my head,” or “It was just a vision I knew I had to paint.”

She cleared out ego and self-associated fears in order to truly create freely. It was such a beautiful thought, because I know how it feels to want to live out a vision, and yet be so self-conscious that people will make fun of it, or it will suck so badly that your life will be ruined.

Humility, an often understated trait in creating, is actually one of the biggest foundations for it. Being humble enough to allow something greater to create through you is surrendering your need for credit all the time.

Currently, I am working through her book, “Finding Water,” which focuses more on perseverance. I am pushing myself to keep on writing/posting on this blog, despite the days when I feel lazy or uninspired. When I apply what I’ve learned from “The Artist’s Way,” I find myself invigorated with new ideas again.

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