Covet x Watch: Jessica Robinson Jewelry

1599691_10152175432749540_1378333025_oThis is my first Covet x Watch post. Oooh- I’m gettin wild up in this blog. 😉

Jessica Robinson is a jewelry designer, or more specifically a bench jeweler, whose ethereal designs have been featured in Vogue Italia and Vogue US, as well as seen draping high-profile celebrities. She uses mostly gold embedded with diamonds, just like the palm feather double ring featured above.


I first met Jessica in the midst of a random, noisy, and somewhat fuzzy after party; and yet, we were able to have a short conversation about energy and chakras.

How life sends you great people in the most random places is one of it’s amazing joys, and proof that you can connect with strangers anywhere. If I could talk to Jessica longer, I would have picked her brain more. But luckily I found a video that did just that.

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