Reflect: On To The Next One

IMG_3680Six months ago, I was inspired with the idea to take Change Clothes to the next level. I am happy to show you guys a sneak peek into what we’ve been working on.

Since it’s inception in 2012, we’ve been re-selling donated clothing (sorted and washed items of course) to raise funds for several charity causes in the Philippines.

We’ve been lucky enough to work on a few projects that I feel fuel the concept of recycling and sustainability, while at the same time, provide an alternative way to approach fundraising.

Now, we’ve decided to come out with a unique, capsule collection of repurposed/upcycled clothing, with a strong emphasis on design.

When we started Change Clothes, it was honestly just to help a friend raise money for scholarships for her school. But over time, it evolved to something bigger.

The community support we’ve been receiving has been incredible. And while I could use a few extra hands here and there (Anyone wanna intern??) It has been a great learning process for me, as well as my team.

Meanwhile, I was also flying back and forth to Singapore, surrounded by amazing artisans and watching the do-it-yourself grassroots movement rise. I couldn’t help but be inspired by their energy to create something of your own.

I was really motivated with the idea that you really can create anything you want to create. Not to hop on a marketing trend or with the desire to earn big bucks fast, but to genuinely create from a place of inspiration.

The idea of bringing recycling and design together is not a new idea, but it’s something our entire team was really thrilled to try themselves. I felt like it would be a great project to “do the most with what we have,” while at the same time using my teams strengths in the design field.

We all wanted to put our own twist to this idea; and the result is this beautiful, fun project that we are launching within the next few weeks ❤

Stay tuned……

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