Portfolio: Jay Yao | Photographer

t1118vask_feat9_2Jay Yao is an artist and graphic designer who I met in Manila last year. I love running into Jay because of his high energy and constant excitement to work.


Having lived in LA and New York, he returned to the Philippines to create his art there.

The photos on this post are from his recent exhibit fittingly called “Homecoming,” where Jay visited the rural areas of Cavite and Calibo, and dressed up the locals with garments from distinguished Filipino designers Joey Samson and Leslie Mobo, with the help of make up artist Xeng Zulueta and stylist Noel Manapat.

From his website:

“Although the garments themselves carry the distinct aesthetic style of each designer, their meanings shift when they are worn by real people of all ages, sometimes going about the daily lives or dramatically staged against a mangrove or local church.

Perhaps the most compelling are images of those closest to the designers such as Samson’s mother that celebrates the beauty of age and the importance of family when pursuing one’s dreams. Romantic and sometimes verging on the absurd each photograph is therefore, as much a portrait of the designers themselves as it is a revelation on the landscapes and spaces of their youth.”

t1118vask_feat9_3More of Jay’s photography on www.JayYao.com & his branding/graphic design on www.Betur.com.

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