Use: Mmerci Encore Body Scrub & Soap Slices

IMG_9724Based in Singapore, Alli is an writer and artisan who started Mmerci Encore, a bespoke, aromatherapy brand that creates self-care products for our everyday pampering rituals.


Being a former beauty editor, Alli pays special attention to the details, sourcing the best organic ingredients from all around the world, using 100% pure essential oils, and straying away from any preservatives. (Check out her body scrubs and soap slices above.)

I also highly recommend reading her blog, for a feast of visual inspiration and diary-like musings that bring intimacy and personality back to the internet.

As I look deeper into how things are made, I learn to respect the maker and not just the brand. Because the hands who make it put their energy into their creations, and as I buy the brand, I too absorb their dream.

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