Photos: Aloha in Paradise

20140423-155559.jpg20140423-162342.jpgOne week in Paradise.

My cousin Marc got married over Easter weekend in Hawaii. It was my first time to ever visit, and I completely fell in love with the sights of O’ahu. While I mostly stayed within Waikiki, I did manage to take a short road trip to Lanikai beach in Kailua. I am so in awe of nature right now. There are some sights, no matter how many photos you take, you can never really capture it’s beauty. You just have to keep your eyes open and take in all you can.

My Hawaii Photo Diary after the Jump…

20140423-162508.jpg 20140423-162440.jpg 20140423-162412.jpg IMG_4412 IMG_4407_2IMG_4347 20140423-162536.jpg20140423-155652.jpg 20140423-162330.jpgIMG_4571 IMG_4494IMG_460820140423-155623.jpg20140423-162313.jpgAll photos taken by Me. (except the one with the bride of course!:)

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