Explore: Daikanyama Tsutaya Books


While in Tokyo, I was able to finally see T-Site, the spin-off bookstore by Tsutaya located in my favorite neighborhood, Daikanyama. This impressive bookstore was designed by architecture firm Klein Dytham, western architects who are based in Japan and who also designed the Google Japan office.

What T-site did right was that they went beyond being a conventional bookstore, and instead curated a lifestyle of learning and exploration.

Within the different book sections, are concierge to help you dive deeper into that lifestyle. For example, you can purchase actual bicycles within the cars and motorcycles section, or if they are selling art prints from movies, there is the corresponding book about the movie/director beside it.

It’s not just about reading the book, but complementing it with different ways you can gain more from that experience.

While we weren’t able to take photos of the interiors, you can get a glimpse of it and learn more about it over here and check out their website here. (And if you ever get lost in Japanese, just hit google translate. 😉 )

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