Reflect: Time to Recharge


Decided to charge my crystals yesterday… Ask me one year ago if I ever owned any crystals/stones, I would have said no. While my mom and sisters kept theirs nearby, I just never saw the significance of it, and to be quite frank, it’s not that easy to explain to a skeptical mind. “That’s so new age-y,” I would hear. But there was something about them when I randomly walked into a shop last year, I threw out the labels and couldn’t resist buying a few. I was so drawn to them.


My google research led me down a rabbit hold of digging into meanings and properties, buying my own Crystal Bible book, and if all else fails, Youtube always had answers.

While it’s been a great journey for me learning more about these, I am still no expert. I do love continuously discovering something new about them everyday.


I started charging them under sunlight and soaking them in salt water. Who knows I’m probably messing up somewhere and there’s a stone in this pile that isn’t supposed to be in salt water. Whatever, my bad.

I’ve also been more aware of my energy levels since I started researching about them, especially observant on the personal and environmental factors that affect how I feel.

The past few weeks have been so much for me, and the future weeks will be even busier.

IMG_4871So I’m taking these few days to re-charge everything…..

Doesn’t it feel so good to rest?

Here are more resources to learn more: Crystal Cure, Healing Crystals For You, and Spiritual Gardens. But seriously though, Google and Youtube have everything nowadays. Click away…

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