Watch: Tavi Gevinson’s Ted Talk

For a teenager, Tavi Gevinson is wise beyond her years. Or maybe I’m just not realizing that all teenagers are now wise beyond their years. I mean, they grew up with the internet for life’s sake. With access to more information in a heartbeat, on almost any device, it’s no doubt that the next generation will be exposed to so much more (I know, a double-edged sword at times, however, but I won’t go into that for this post.)

Tavi started her blog, Style Rookie, at 11 years old! (I only started blogging when I was 16 or 17 back when Livejournal and Xanga were hot.) But look how far she’s come….how fearless she’s become…expressing her views, dressing the way she wants, but also keeping an intelligent/feminist point of view. She later started Rookie Magazine at 15!

IMG_4929I picked this up when I was in Tsutaya, and I just fell in love with her vision. Rookie Mag publishes articles and collages that are teen-focused, but as what Tavi says in interviews, doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of teens. It’s so clear on what teenagers want to read; instead of trying to be a how-to guide by other people, it’s more an outlet for expression. I felt so nostalgic when I was reading this. It made me want to be a teen again. x

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