Work: MUSE | Status Magazine


Inspired by the “Show Your Work” book I blogged about. I decided to do just that. The “Work” section will hold the things that I’ve done, whether hosting, modeling or writing (or whatever side-projects I happen to get my hands on!)

Here is a feature I wrote for Status Magazine‘s MUSE Section. The MUSE section interviews models from around the world.

I get to pick the brains behind a lot of beautiful faces, so far I haven’t been disappointed! A lot of these girls are really down- to- earth and chill. No divas! I’m really excited for the next few girls we’re going to feature.

For the April issue, I wrote about model Wylie Hays. I hope this comes out online because I did enjoy crafting this piece.

I’m currently working on putting my writing archives (all the photos and the full articles) on a cleaner, user-friendly platform and link it to this blog. If anyone has any tips for what a good lay-out would be, please send me links… I’m totally a newbie when it comes to HTML anything.

Have a great Wednesday. x

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