Portfolio: Onin Lorente | Fashion Photographer, Writer and Style Blogger


Creative-in-progress. That’s how I think of Onin Lorente from Style-Anywhere. I met Onin here in Singapore when I first moved around 2 1/2 years ago. I was so inspired by the rise of his website that I knew I had to interview him. (Here is a link to the article.)

For years now, Onin has been covering product launches, fashion shows, street style, and currently, conceptualizing and shooting more fashion editorials.


When I first met Onin, he was very soft-spoken, but as our conversation progressed, I grew to realize that he is the type of quiet genius that is more focused on doing better work each day.


From a programmer to a global fashion blogger, he is deeply committed to improvement, whether it be the photos, lay-out, writing, or style of his website.


I love how Onin holds an observant eye and always seeks to find a new way to tell his story. For more of Onin, check out: style-anywhere.com

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