Reflect: Start Up Asia 2014


This week I assisted a friend at her booth in Start Up Asia. It was such a great experience for me to talk to people in this industry who were in the start-up scene in Singapore, or those who flew in just for the event.

While my background lies fashion/media and slowly, social enterprise, it felt so refreshing to hear new perspectives and tech ideas that people want to birth into the world.


The energy is one of ideas and vision, with really passionate people who want to create solutions to problems we have, or create new ways of doing things. Yes, they invent the future.

My friend Joelle Pang, an entrepreneur/writer herself, wrote a few articles on the event that I truly recommend.

One is called “How the Fast Eats the Slow,” and another, “An Open Letter to Southeast Asian Founders.” Read both for some insightful advice on being an entrepreneur. xxx

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