Reflect: A New Era


Currently recovering from a week of being sick. I wanted to blog but I couldn’t think straight, so I spent the last few nights sipping on ginger tea with honey and trolling YouTube. Every now and then, my mind does need a break.

In the midst of it all, my roommates and I are packing up the house. I’ve been selling furniture, and trying to ship all our other things out. By next week, I will be out of this apartment, and a week after that, I’ll be out of Singapore. It’s an end of a phase…a cycle… an era.

It’s still very surreal, I talk about it but it truly has not hit me yet. I remember when I moved to Singapore so wide-eyed and naive. Not that I’m not naive anymore, just a little more seasoned with how the “world” works.

I think that’s really important you know, to go out there an test the theories you have in your head to actual reality; to get your hands dirty instead of drafting the perfect plan on paper over and over again. You learn deeper by going through the experience.

Because sometimes your plans will not turn out exactly how you imagined them to be. And knowing how to navigate the unexpected tests your character.

There is balanced element of doing the best you can, and then sending that out into the Universe to work out. Knowing what you can control and giving that your all, while also knowing what you can’t and letting that aspect be.

It is faith that I learned (or re-learned) during my time here.

Now that I’m moving forward, all I can do is take these lessons with me for the next chapter. I am really excited for it actually. I have no idea what to expect! I am just excited to see things I’ve never seen, talk to people I never knew I could talk to, absorb new ideas, and have new adventures.

I have no exact plan, but I have faith. Here’s to what’s Next.

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