Photos: Bali Beauty

IMG_4774 IMG_4739

As I was cleaning my hard drive this week, I found some photos from my Bali trip last December. I was flooded with so many happy emotions (can’t you tell with that monkey on my shoulder??) that I decided to share some photos on my blog.

This trip was my first time in Bali, and for a week, I was able to soak in the culture of Ubud, with my last two days spent relaxing in Jimbaran. Check out my Bali Photo Diary after the jump, with a few highlights of my favorite things to do…

Ubud Highlights: Getting to visit Eat Pray Love‘s Ketut Liyer and Wayan Nuriasih (my boyfriend has no idea what I was dragging him to! haha) going to the Monkey Forest, seeing a Melukat ceremony at the Tirta Empul Temple, going for an Ayurvedic massage at Bali Botanica, and walking around the streets to see the different local crafts.

IMG_4774 IMG_4388 IMG_4377 IMG_5451 IMG_4425 IMG_4522 IMG_4563 IMG_4426 IMG_4605


IMG_4758 IMG_4669 IMG_4685 IMG_4519 IMG_4684 IMG_4695 IMG_4699 IMG_4719 IMG_4769 IMG_4768 IMG_5215 IMG_4777 IMG_4733 IMG_5250 IMG_5276 IMG_5346 IMG_5342 IMG_5400

Jimbaran Highlights: Our awesome stay at Jamahal, being able to relax at the beach, and eating at Balique.

IMG_5489 IMG_5553 IMG_5572 IMG_5561 IMG_5504 IMG_5495 IMG_5586 IMG_5552

Photo credit: me and @ginodc


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