Watch: Miracles Now Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein, how do I even begin to talk about Gabrielle Bernstein? This woman has had such a big impact on my life…

Gabrielle is a NY times best-selling author on 4 spiritually-based books, and is deemed one of the new spiritual gurus for the next generation. Her modern approach makes what she talks about relatable, instead of putting the idea of spirituality on a “high shelf.”

Back when I found her online, no one was doing what she was doing. It was so refreshing to hear someone talk so openly about current pressures of today; and about how she reached her melting point and began to change her life through spirituality.

Over time, I could see Gabby get more press, and suddenly she had her own TED talk, was interviewed by Refinery29, and even guested on Oprah. A lot of people describe her style as the Dalai Lama on the set of Gossip Girl.

Why is this woman so important to me??

Well, when I moved to Singapore, I actually downloaded a lot of her (then) podcasts on believing and manifesting and listen to it over and over again on the subway.

You cannot imagine how scared I was of the unknown. I felt like I was walking in the dark. If there was a time when I felt lost and unsure of the future, it was definitely then!

Thankfully, there was a sense of comfort I received from her talks, and through her work, I was able to have more faith in the things I was doing. I even found more like-minded teachers online that opened my mind to more lessons.

This interview above by Gala Darling (who I just discovered thanks to this video) is a really good introduction to what Gabby is about. xxx


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