Read: The Four Agreements


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Several times this book would be mentioned in my life… First, I would have a cousin tell me these agreements during his coffee break in Sydney. Then I would read an interview where Giselle Bündchen mentions how this book shaped her. And lastly, I was given this audiobook right before a long plane ride. So many signs to read it right?

When I finally managed to get a physical copy of this book (because that’s what I love most- actual paper I can write/underline/highlight on) I was completely moved by the messages it contained.

Here is a breakdown of the book in simple terms. But I highly recommend reading it to absorb the full messages.

The Four Agreements

You can also click here to see another deeper summary of the book.

While the agreements sound easy, putting it into practice is another thing. Sometimes you can’t help but break your word, take things personally, judge people or slack off. It’s a good reminder to keep this posted on your bathroom mirror to just remind you before you start the day.

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