Reflect: The Power of Kindness

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I posted this status on my Facebook page last night, “my biggest lesson in sg so far: never underestimate the power of a kind soul. my biggest breakthroughs have been because of another person’s act of kindness. still in awe.”

Before I fly out next week, I can’t help but remember all the times someone else has been kind to me. It’s not easy moving to a new country, and yet, I am thankful for the kindest souls to help me along this journey.


Because when you start fresh, not everyone is willing to lend a hand.

People are busy with their own lives; so them reaching out to help you is an “inconvenience” to their busy schedules. Besides, they’ve hustled, so you should too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I solely rely on the help of other people to get by. I can hustle hard…. but just when I think I’ve done everything you can, and I’ve knocked on every possible door- a miracle happens on the 11th hour.

There is that kind soul in the room who offers to help you.

And it’s not a gigantic shove either. It’s more of a nice gesture. A simple act. A sign that humanity isn’t a pack of cold-blooded, career-driven clones all in it for themselves.

It’s as simple as “Let’s grab coffee and chat,” or “I think you should meet….” or “Come over anytime.” It’s someone who has been where you are and knows how tough the battles can be… It’s empathy.

And while they aren’t holding your hand and walking you through the entire maze, they more or less give you a bit of water, an energy bar, and a motivational sign as you run past them.

You still have to figure out which way to go, hit your dead ends, and learn from your mistakes, but still, a kind act from a stranger helps soften the series of disappointments.

It makes you feel like you aren’t alone, giving you the energy to keep going.

So yes, never underestimate the power of kindness.

And thank you to anyone who’s been incredibly kind to me as well. It’s not forgotten, and it inspires me to pay it forward to the next person I see going through a struggle. x

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