Meet: Teresa Herrera, TV Presenter, Actress, & Art Consultant

Teresa Angel

To the public, she is a famous model, TV presenter, actress and now, art consultant. To me, she is my big sister. She’s the person who tells us siblings what books to read, places to go, friends of hers we should meet, and most importantly…. the rules to break.

I wanted to interview Teresa because I often felt like some of the articles I would read about her don’t quite capture “her.” As her youngest sis, I have always had a different point of view when it came to her allure. That’s what I wanted to write here: a glimpse of our relationship, the usual way we speak to each other, and a bit of digging into her other sides that I witnessed growing up.

Excited for you all to meet my family… starting with Teresa.

Teresa at the beach

1. What is your best memory growing up?

Honestly, playing and being creative outdoors.

2. Remember when I was little and you would decorate these birthday cakes for me? Or I would watch you paint murals in your High school? 

Yes, for your kindergarten show and tell day. You brought me and mom as your “show and tell” and we also brought you to high school with us [for a day.]

That was the best. A lot of people don’t know your so talented with the paint brush. How did you get into painting in the first place?

I guess I’ve always been creative since I was little. I would always draw and make my own valentines day cards, birthday, and Christmas cards, etc. As I grew older, I took a deeper interest in Art.

In high school I became obsessed with art and would drive up to Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in LA on Thursday nights (6-10pm. Because it was free admission for students). And I would just stare at Warhols and Claes Oldenburg for hours wondering about their process. I began painting in school and eventually took up AP Studio art, got accepted to Parson’s in NYC. I love the feeling of creating something that never existed before.


I guess I’ve always been creative since I was little….I love the feeling of creating something that never existed before.

3. When you moved to Asia you were modeling in different countries. Which country was your favorite and why?

I loved the energy of Hong Kong as a city. It was so cosmopolitan yet Asian. They were also going to be handed over to China so witnessing the handover was really memorable. I also love the Philippines because that is where I’m from, and that is where my family lives. It’s home.

4. I’m currently moving around Asia myself for work, sometimes it gets so overwhelming for me. How were you able to navigate the scene by yourself? Any tips you can give me?

I understand, its not easy. There were challenging times finding work in a new country, in a new market, and establishing new clients. I missed home a lot. I was young, yet adventurous. I would recommend, take it all in.

Experience each city as if it was an extended vacation. Since my interest was art and the creative field, you would always find me checking out a new show or museum. If not, you will find me in a bookstore.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.01.51 am

5. When you were studying acting in LA you told me you learned how important it is to focus on the process. Can you elaborate on that?

I guess I’ve always been about the process. The work. It’s what interests me most. The process of creating something that never existed before intrigues me.

For acting, it was researching and building characters through specific choices, costumes, and physicality. That’s why I love the theatre most, I get to live the process every time I step onstage.

Teresa headshot

I guess I’ve always been about the process. The work. It’s what interests me most.

6. I totally followed in your footsteps and got a bunch of crystals last year and listen to mediation guides. How was your own journey and what got you onto your spiritual path?

Right on Vicky! (insert high five here). I think discovering my spirituality expanded my understanding of people and the world around me.

It began with Yoga back in 1998. I took a class and met my amazing teacher Shiva Rea. Since I’m naturally a curious person, I would keep taking classes and kept on learning. All I knew was that it felt good. its felt good going to class, meeting like minded people, and also the physical aspect.

7. What’s your favorite crystal and why?

Amethyst. Its my birthstone.


8. You’re now working as an art consultant (funny how the art part of you came back full circle) how has it been working in the art scene?

Yes, it came back full circle and full force! 🙂 Its been amazing! I’m very fortunate to have met my mentor Jeffrey Deitch who really encouraged me and supported me in the art world. That’s what gave me the confidence to really pursue a career in art again. I enjoy working with collectors, clients, and artists.

I started Collective 88, a multi-disciplinary company that caters to hospitality projects and collectors. My team is excellent, efficient, and motivated. Our motto is #welovewhatwedo. And it shows in our work.

Teresa Jeffrey

I’m very fortunate to have met my mentor Jeffrey Deitch who really encouraged me and supported me in the art world. That’s what gave me the confidence to really pursue a career in art again.

9. Spill some details about the book you’re working on….

Well, I’ve been really going deep and figuring out what I like to share most. For me, it’s health, wellness, and beauty rituals. I get asked so many questions through social media and in person, that I thought, I can put it in a book format.

10. I totally loved your wedding by the way... I cried a lot, danced a lot, and didn’t want that week to end. What was your favorite moment during the week?

Yes you cried a lot. haha! It was so cute. There were so many beautiful moments during the wedding week but my favorite has to be saying our vows in our circle of love. I really felt everyone’s energy. We felt love.


11. Secret to being happy?

Be gentle with yourself, take it a day at a time, keep it real, and keep it simple.

12. What’s next for you?


Interview by Victoria Herrera / Photos Courtesy of Teresa Herrera


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