Reflect: 3 Ways Change Clothes is Getting Better


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Hi loves. Here are some photos I’ve gathered from my various friends (meaning: I took a screenshot via Instagram) on the Change Clothes sale that happened last weekend. I don’t know how else to explain this, but I am very positive that it will get even better. Why?


1) First off, our donor list just expanded. 

And when I say expanded our donor list, I mean widening my eyes when I open What’s App and see the message from the most unexpected person, “Yo you need stuff for your charity thing?

Thank you angels. I know somewhere you were flying around answering my prayers.


As you know, we get most of our stuff from donations. And as I sort through boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes, I am always surprised with what I discover. Sometimes it’s like I struck gold, like finding a designer dress or a classic jacket.

And then other times… meh. You get a ratty old t-shirt that smells like it was a second-hand rag. (A part of me hopes the God’s of second-hand clothing will punish those guys for that. A donation box is not a trash can. Remember, people WILL be wearing the stuff you place in this box.)

But now, Ha! New stuff baby, brand new stuff. No more worrying of stale smells and tarnished quality. I can sleep soundly knowing that the leather bag we are selling smells like a brand new car.

One of One

2) Secondly, our One of One project is coming along quite nicely, (as featured in the photo above, with the exception of the leather bag.)

We’ve re-purposed a lot of the clothes to create a line of bags, jackets, skirts, and tops. I am so happy to see our first bag release was sold out. It’s a humble project… definitely a work in progress.

As I said before, your feedback would be great. I do want to get better at this because making things is so new to us. But we are uplifted and encouraged to create more.


3) Sneakers- Enough said.

While it is truly a hunt, we see the look on our customer’s faces when they find a shoe that fits.

The Joy. #cinderellamoment

But you know, girls are hunting too…See the first photo above for Dane’s reaction to seeing a mountain of sneakers.


What’s Next?

I don’t want to make the whole “Shop for a Cause” angle a trend to be hot this year and cold the next.

What I am trying to do is keep building that bridge between consumerism and social consciousness. To say, “See? You can buy something good, and feel good that your money is helping someone else out.”

I didn’t reinvent the wheel for these types of businesses either, as you see it being done all over the world already (Example, TOMS).

But now, it’s more relevant especially in the Philippines, where everyday there is some remnant of poverty around the corner.

Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

For this sale, the proceeds will be donated to Mano Amiga Academy. We have been working with them as volunteers for the past five years. Bringing artists, break dancers, and the like to volunteer as teachers.

Now, we are working on donating more to their scholarship program to help pay for a child’s expenses for one whole school year.

If you would like to volunteer, feel free to message them on their Facebook Page or e-mail:

Thank you and see you at the next Change Clothes Sale ❤

Photos via: Dane, Barry, Kel, Flor, and Me. ❤

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