Portfolio: Sofia Cope | Graphic Designer

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I adore Sofia Cope‘s work. I found her, or she found me, or We found each other via Instagram. An exchange of kind words here and there, and I stumbled onto the world of a highly creative, expressive and humble talent from the Philippines.

Graphic designer, co-founder of accessories label Viva La Manika, and motivational writer for the lost, uninspired, and creatively stuck (the last part was something I just noticed about her blog.) Her words helped me jump out of a creative rut, and inspired me to be and do more–not out of ego or a desire to compete with another person, but simply to be happier.

Sofia has entries like “Super Secrets to Staying Creative” and even refers the same inspirational speakers I adore (hello Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte.)

She shares her own journey, her ups and downs, and is so truthful about what it feels like to be an artist. She channels her thoughts into the cutest posters or collages that make you want to save every photo for your computer’s screensaver.

What I highly recommend is purchasing her Pretty Procrastinator Planner, a downloadable PDF file of the cutest productivity sheets you will ever find.

Scroll below to check out some of her work…

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Side trivia: Sofia also designed a beautiful backdrop for my last Change Clothes Sale, you can check it out over here.

All photos via SofiaCope.com

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  1. 1816dxb says:

    I’m also a super fan of Sofia! Glad I found this post! Fill the world with inspiration and art!!! x

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