Reflect: Adjusting to the New Reality

Hong KongAfter moving out of Singapore and spending 3 weeks in Manila, I am currently in Hong Kong.

I wish I could have updated my blog better these past few weeks. But after going through the experience of moving out and now settling in, June was pretty much a blur.

And now, I am adjusting to the new reality.

I wake up to the unfamiliar, and hear noises of a busy street outside my window. I walk out and still use my iPhone to navigate where I am. (The most overused apps have been my Currency Converter, Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify.) I am still looking for a close closer laundromat, and maybe soon, I can find my new favorite coffee spot.

I like this feeling. It keeps my mind working because I am exploring something new again. My curiosity keeps me filled with joy.

I heard this from a friend a long time ago, “Let go of what no longer serves you.” The saying echoes in my thoughts these past few weeks as I keep moving.

You let go of what didn’t work in the past. You have a new fresh opportunity to switch up everything in your life.

I feel lighter having made decisions that moved me to let go of what no longer served me.

Watch this space.






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