Click: Make Peace With Food

IMG_7911Hello Loves. My wonderful friend/ international soul sister Pauline Hanuise (who I interviewed on my blog about self-love, health and wellness over here) recently launched her online coaching program, “Make Peace With Food.”

Why I Respect Her

As I mentioned before, I am in such awe of Pauline because of her inspiring journey from suffering from bulimia to becoming a full- fledged holistic health coach.

Throughout this journey, she has helped so many people change their lives through her blog, guest interviews, healthy recipes, and one-on-one coaching program.

Pauline has also become a regular contributor for some of my favorite health & wellness sites like Mind Body Green, Food Matters, and Hungry For Change. She has also been featured on the website of best-selling author and wellness activist Kris Carr and The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, the school from which Pauline got certified for health coaching.

How She Can Help You

Now, she’s taking another huge leap by launching her online coaching program that teaches you How to Stop Binge Eating and Transform Your Life.

This program is for anyone who holds a love-hate relationship with food; for those dealing with “chronic dieting or binge eating to food addiction, emotional eating or full-blown bulimia.”

You can click here to avail of my special 30% discount for this online program by June 7. That’s coming up real fast, so do send this link also to anyone who you know may benefit from it 🙂

The photos above are some of her healthy recipes that she posts on her blog. If you’re interested to make them, you can check out Pauline’s recipes over here. x

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