Reflect: Daily Courage


100th blog post! I made it! I remember starting this in February, only hoping to make it to at least ten posts, and actually showing it to people other than my 3 roommates at the time. I thought I would have failed at updating this… but so far, so good.

I was scrolling through the pages to see how the blog developed. I could see my writing style change over time. I could see that I felt more comfortable, more open, and more expressive as the posts continued.

Some posts I would be so nervous to publish, for fear that it wasn’t good enough. Thoughts like “Is this interview gonna sound dumb?” or “What is people don’t get this post?” often ran through my mind. But I would just take a deep breath, post it, and then continue my day.

The goal after all wasn’t about getting approval, but developing courage.

Yes, every post is an act of courage. It is an act of courage to keep doing what you want to do, saying what you want to say, and being who you want to be without fearing what people think of you. That’s a lesson I learned offline as well.

Because when I started, I got so many “tips” from people. Now I wouldn’t necessarily say they were bad tips. It’s just it really didn’t appeal to me. It didn’t reflect who I am and what I stand for. So I gently listened; but as I left, I also left those words behind.

I always go back to the very first post of my blog and it said, “I just want to have fun.” It reminds me to not take things soooo seriously.

I want to keep the spirit of curiosity, the love for learning, and the thrill of personal expansion alive. And of course, practice daily courage.

Wait til I get to the 500th post! I think things will be very different. 🙂

– V


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