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Apart from doing TV and modelling work, I also write 🙂 No seriously, I write! And here is my website a.k.a my Proof of Passion.

These days, when I say that I write, I usually get an eye roll and sarcastic remark saying, “Oh, so do you have a blog and vent on it?” And while I’d like to punch them defensively explain my case, I decided to just really show it.

I understand, these days you really are responsible for communicating your self, your work, and your vision.

So…..I’ve sorted through a few of my favourite articles/interviews that I’ve written over the past few years and posted it on this website:

Disclaimer: Some of their answers reflect their state of being during that time, while now we may have a completely new image of their identity because they have definitely evolved since then. And lastly, for simplicity’s sake, I decided not to post any of my “self-help” columns because I wanted to find a better format for those types of articles.



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