Watch: What’s Your Definition Of Success?

What is your Definition of Success? I’ve thought about this question a lot over the years…

I sort of wrote about this before…But the video above sparked so many thoughts that I figured I could write about it again…

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Lately I’ve seen it in being able to overcome your fears.

There were so many things that terrified me in my life! I’ve moved a lot and had to start over, been rejected A LOT, met people who seriously intimidated me, and at times wondered, “How the Hell am I gonna pay for rent?” Looking back and knowing that I’ve gone through these times and still be here standing– stronger. It’s amazing.

Another thing that I define as success is being able to speak your truth.

It’s guilt-free authenticity. It’s being able to seriously be yourself in a room where everyone else wants you to be a certain way. Before I felt like I had to act in a certain way to get the approval of the “cool” crowd. But lately, I realized the people who really are cool are just doing things they love and couldn’t care less about being accepted. They are so busy in a state of doing, and being authentically themselves.

I think it’s also about loving and forgiving.

I never knew that these two truly went hand in hand until recently. Love isn’t only about loving the people you like. Real Love extends beyond the pain, disappointment, betrayal you’ve experienced to really reach over and forgive. It’s unconditional. I’ve seen this firsthand and I tell you it really is possible. Love heals.

But really, Success is about living happily. In the Now. Being grateful for what you have. Appreciating the present moment.

I wasn’t supposed to write tonight. I was supposed to rest before the week started. But seeing this video on YouTube sparked so many thoughts that I knew if I didn’t write it down, I wouldn’t be able to sleep right.

So yes, those are a few of my little thoughts flying around before I go to sleep.

Hope your living ‘successfully’. 😉

– V

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