Listen: Hiātus by DJ Wreck-One

HiatusHow appropriate is the timing of this mixtape? My friend Barry, aka Ninjascrawl (his graffiti/design name) aka DJ Wreck-One (His DJ name) hit me up via whatsapp to let me know he finished his latest mix called Hiātus.

hi•a•tus (haɪˈeɪ təs)
n. | a pause in continuity of space, time, action, etc.; a break

As you noticed, I’ve been going through some sort of a Hiātus on this blog as well. The past two weeks have been honestly quiet on this site. While conversely, the pace of my life in the offline world was moving at a frenetic pace.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the “everyday immediates” but had that guilty feeling that I should be posting. So I tried to make myself feel better by creating a mental to-do list of what I should probably blog about. But it didn’t work. It’s been creatively challenging; with unfocused energy that can’t keep me still to actually click “New Post.” So I decided to just take a little Hiātus until I find my muse again.

Sometimes, we all just need a break, and that’s completely ok.

Don’t mistake it for laziness; this is a different kind of flow.

Simmer where you are, and come back when you’re ready to begin again.

And at least while you’re on your Hiātus, you have this lovely soundtrack in the background.


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