Click: Banago Kickstarter Campaign

A few months ago I wrote about Banago bags, a social business founded by Renée Patron, that creates handmade, wild grass bags and home accessories.

These bags, made in the Philippines, are sold internationally in stores like J. Crew, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie, as well as featured in magazines like Lucky and Vogue. But apart from the international fame, it’s real success was it’s ability to provide livelihood for over 400 local women artisans and their families within the local community.

However, after last year’s Typhoon Haiyan affected the Banago business both in their facilities, natural resources, and tragically many artisans lost their homes and members of their family. It’s been a long road to recovery since the typhoon hit, and supporting this Banago Kickstarter campaign is one step that you can do to help.

Renee w ArtisansRenée with the Banago Artisans…

BANAGO CYCLEA look at how the Banago Cycle…

BANAGO KickStarter Campaign.mp4_000174757Banago Artisans…

BANAGO KickStarter Campaign.mp4_000076618 boys in rubbleThe state of the Banago facilities after Typhoon Haiyan hit….

By supporting the Banago Kickstarter campaign, you can inject much needed support and energy into this business, and help provide income for the artisans affected by the typhoon.

You can choose from the different list of packages how much you would like to back. Each price category has it’s own corresponding reward; example a tote bag or sunglass case depending on how much you’d like to donate.

Malay Totes Pintados Design Malaya Tote Pintados Design Blk&Wht Mayumi Clutch in Pintados Design BlueBag and surferIt’s a worthy cause, a worthy purchase, and worthy item to covet.

I deeply encourage you to support this Kickstarter Campaign or share the link with your friends on social media to support the cause.


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