Reflect: Listen to Yourself


The past few days have been a whirlwind of outside opinions feeding self-doubt. The time finally came to take a break from the internet to remind myself to listen to my intuition, refocus on purpose, and create from the inside out.

Today, I had to re-watch videos that inspired me to fill myself up with everything that made me, “me.” When growing up you are taught to be yourself, and then suddenly being thrown situations where there is an illusion that “success is conforming,” one can often forget the life lessons you’ve learned many years ago.

Reminding myself that not every identity is the same, and not every person needs to fit the bill.

But these tests & lessons often repeat themselves over and over again until it smacks us on our head is ingrained in our way of being. What sucks is when you reach the same crossroad for the 1000th time and you’re like “Sh*t! How did I end up here again? I thought I knew this already.” (Same goes for love advice!)

But lately the themes of validation, have been popping up everywhere for me. Whether they be youtube videos, random conversations or a book that happens to catch my eye.

I feel like a person constantly searching for validation from someone else is akin to a lost tourist asking another lost tourist for directions. They don’t know where you want to go. They don’t know where they are as well. We’re both lost homie.

While I have tried to listen to advice from so many people, what I actually needed to do take a bubble bath, meditate, write things out and drink a glass of wine on my couch. Ta-da! Mind cleared.

Sometimes you can get caught up in what you think the world wants you to be that you forget who you want to be. Hence, the importance of alone time every now and then.

I feel like I keep repeating this in my blog, but the more I go out into the world and see (as well as feel) the pressures to conform, I feel like I have to keep repeating this to myself.

Just so that I can stop reaching that same crossroad & finally enjoy a new view.



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