Reflect: Healing Relationships


The past few weeks, I feel like I’ve been healing a lot of my past relationships. And when I say healing, I mean forgiveness.

Seriously, this works wonders for your soul.

Running into people again and bearing no grudge, knowing that we’ve all sort of f*cked up in one way or another as we were growing up.

That girl who was obsessively competitive with you? Throw up the peace sign. That ex who #madeanassholemove? Smile and nod. That family member who disappointed you? Hug ’em.

Because when I think about it, I don’t think I have a shiny halo. My wings are dirty from flying around all sorts of mistakes growing up. Apologies tho those I’ve hurt through my unconsciousness. As I was tripping and hurting, I do know that it was necessary for the growing and learning.

Life is giving me so many blessings right now, you have no idea how happy I have been. To keep looking back at pain really wastes the gift of time, when right now, you can do so many things to move your life forward.

When I speak to people who are going through fights, sometimes I want to say, “Please let it go, please. You’ll be fine and this is just a lesson. Please be happy now. You are so blessed!”

But of course, I know there is pain there that I cannot see. We never really know what another person is going through. We just always hope that one day they can find that peace in their heart.

I feel so light and happy as I’ve let go of my resentment of the past. Letting go of the weight frees you up to really fly higher.

Touch the Sky,


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