Read: The Woman I Wanted To Be

The Woman I Wanted To Be

I spotted The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenberg it in the airport bookstore as I was about to board my flight back to Manila. I was always of fan of Diane and her work, more so, her messages about being independent.

I was so curious to learn more about her life and career that I felt like this was a great introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about the character of this highly-praised designer.

From talking about her parents, her love life, and the rise and fall and rise again of her career, Diane talks with such openness and wisdom of a woman who really did LIVE life. I found it so inspiring that no matter what she went through, she really did know the type of woman she wanted to become.

I think this is a great message at the end of the day to really listen to your internal compass. Especially when we adapt or change ourselves for so many external factors (i.e. who everyone else wants you to be.) Sometimes you should snap out of it and say, “Wait a minute, who am I again?”

I appreciate the fact that while Diane is a highly- influential woman of fashion, the book wasn’t just about fashion.

It was about identity. It was about transformation. It was about rebuilding after every fall. It was about courage and strength to do things out of your comfort zone.

The wrap dress was just a bonus.


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