Reflect: Being a Sensitive Warrior


I am deeply interested in all things spiritual, trying to further understand “What am I doing here??” and “Why!” Despite being in the industry of fashion and media, I oftentimes seek out ways where I can just really be honest with whatever goes on in my mind and heart. This search has led me to an eye-opening conversation with my friend Kerrie last year in Singapore.

If you know me- if you really, really know me- you’ll know that I love deep conversations with people I can be real with. Kerrie is the same. Our aversion to anything false is what brought us together and keeps our relationship genuine despite the distance.

I am so happy that she started her own blog to speak about empaths, sensitivity, and spirituality. I rarely give interviews that delve on these topics, but for her, I could easily open up. Here’s a side to me probably no one has ever seen in my career.

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