Read: Second Chance by Robert Kiyosaki

Second Chance

People ask if I’m reading a relationship book and I said “Yes, it’s my relationship with my money.”

At the start of the year, I made a commitment to myself to really learn more about personal finance. And once I did,  Second Chance by Robert Kiyosaki, popped out on the shelves of an airport bookstore. Synchronicity!

I’ve been consciously trying to study personal finance since I was young kid.

From doing small projects like selling chocolate chip cookies to try to make money (Young Hustler I was!!), to trying to figure out how to take care of the money I made when I started modeling at 17. (First lesson: What is a time deposit??)

When I was in college, my thesis was about teaching women the basics of personal finance.

Because we knew that in this world, it’s important for women to take care of their money and not just rely on a man. Not to be all feminist in your face right now, but I’ve witnessed firsthand how my own mom took care of us 5 kids when my dad passed away. She took control and hustled to feed, clothe, and put a roof over our heads. I admire strong women like my mother.

So it’s not about buying fancy clothes or jewelry, but in essence, it’s about knowing how to take care of yourself and be smart in this world. I don’t need to show off what I buy, but more like feel safe that I can make choices that fuel my independence and happiness because I’ve been responsible with my money.

I’ve been reading Robert Kiyosaki since I was 16 years old, still in high school. The first book I read was Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which really gave me a new perspective on how to handle my money.

Everyday I am learning how to be an “adult.” And taking steps to educate yourself is always important.

So I really don’t care if people think I’m cheesy for being all into this self-help stuff. Coz at the end of the day, I kinda love how my life is turning out. That’s all that matters right?


PS. That writing on my hand is NOT a tattoo. It’s a phrase I wrote to keep me mindful. I do that a lot. That week’s theme was “My Present is Perfect” to remind myself that the present moment is all that matters 🙂

PPS. this is 1/26 of the books I’ve committed to read. 26 books for 2015 c/o @imwiththedeejay‘s #marathonbookclub. Join us on instagram as we fuel a reading movement.

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