Watch: Lauryn Hill Droppin Truth

Lauryn Hill is one of my favorite singers up to this day. I haven’t really found an artist like her for my generation. Actually, it’s hard to find soulful artists these days that come out with music with substance (except for Kendrick!) so I jump to my older siblings generation to take what inspired them.

I really loved this video of Lauryn Hill that was set 15 years ago! It reminded me that as artists, sometimes it’s not really about us. It’s not about the art you paint, write, sing, or dance; but more of you being a channel for something greater to express itself though you.

Sometimes it feels like everyone wants to do something to be famous by putting out crap that’s “hot” or “on trend” so it’s rare to find people who want to put in quality messages into their work. In reality, we are just a medium, and once we push our ego aside, we can focus on creating something really beautiful and of impact. Listen to more words of wisdom in the video above.

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