Reflect: Women Who Wow | Sarah Meier

SWhen I was back in Manila a few weeks ago, one of my favorite editors Liza Ilarde, asked me to write about one of my closest girl friends, Sarah Meier, for the “Women Who Wow” issue of Style Weekend.

I met Sarah when I was around 9 years old, and have always looked up to her growing up. Not only are we in the same agency in Manila, CalCarries, but she is also incredibly close to all my siblings as well.

Sarah is the reason why I became a host because she pulled me to co-host a radio show called “The Dollhouse.” Above is a photo I took of her when we were prepping for our morning stint at 6 am. Beautiful vibes already when the sun came up.

Read what I had to say about Sarah below…


Published March 20, 2015 in Style Weekend

Nowadays, “influencer” is a common word thrown around to describe people who seem to have reached a certain number of social media followers. Advertisers and brand managers scour the internet to seek who fits an image and following to properly represent their product. But like all things on the internet-a lot can be a façade, and in person, their influence fades just as quickly as you scroll down. But not with Sarah…definitely not Sarah Meier.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a brief recap of the woman I’ve known for over 10 years.  She started her career as a successful model all around Asia, back at a time when Photoshop was non-existent, and thus made it harder to cheat your way to a career. She pioneered the cool culture with her independent vibe, intelligence and wit on MTV Asia, making a new generation want to wear fedora and newspaper boy hats the way she did. Later on, she made a nation laugh and cry on radio show The Dollhouse (and how lucky I was that she pulled me to co-host with her, changing my life in the process) by her defining interview styles and willingness to have real, authentic, heart conversations. We set to lock down inspiration on print through our book, Unscripted, where Sarah exercised her vision for print media. Sarah continued to evolve with her role as Creative Director for e-commerce platform Pormada, become a culture columnist for Manila Bulletin, and most recently, stepped into the role of Editor-In-Chief for Metro Magazine (her first issue launches in April.)

It’s a career that has shifted in different areas of the industry, from behind the scenes to in front of the camera, with the knowledge and consciousness to put something positive into the media landscape. Add to that, her vision to represent the Philippine creative industry properly on a global scale.

Since I started my own career, I always looked up to Sarah as an example of someone I wanted to be in the industry. Surrounded by seeming illusions of glamour, yet able to stay grounded, respectful, humble and kind to everyone she meets. Sarah has placed effort into being credible and real, which is reflected in her depth as a writer, speaker, and media personality. She has always strove to align her image and work to what would be authentic to her true self and purpose. Because being yourself in an industry where everyone sways with ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ can tempt you to adapt your image to every passing trend.

And this is how I learned about real influence- not via the tactics of “personal branding” or Instagram marketing, but more of it being an offline character trait to stay honest to your own voice, and have the courage to speak it no matter what. Sarah has managed to create new conversations in not just the fashion industry, but also with like-minded influencers in art, music, sports, and social change. In essence, Sarah Meier influences the influencer, revealing a whole new layer of how inspiration moves.



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