Watch: Casey Neistat | Ideas are Easy, Execution is Everything

My friend Christian San Jose told me to watch this inspiring video of Casey Neistat about the importance of execution. I think it was such a strong message to just shut up and work on your ideas instead of announcing every tiny step you do. (oh hi there social media.)

Christian is a prime example of someone I’ve worked with who walks his talk. I worked with Christian (or who I call CSJ) on my book in 2011, where he was in charge of the overall book design, editorial design, lettering, illustrations, and creative direction. CSJ is one of those quiet doers, a creative who doesn’t need to make loud social media announcements, but just does his work and let’s it speak for itself. Which is why the people behind the worlds top athletes tap him to take care of their branding.

Good to know that the company I keep is a company of awesome people. x

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