Watch: The Art of Being Yourself by Caroline McHugh

Authenticity is everything for me right now. I’ve been meeting a lot of people overly concerned about image, without placing more of a priority on their core values. While I know this is a struggle a lot of people in this time and space go through-in how being perceived as cool or liked online can in some way boost their self-esteem. But I want to ask, does it really?

Sometimes I just want to tell people that it won’t really matter how many likes you get if you’re still unhappy offline. Sometimes we worry about the wrong things, narrowing our perceptions, minimising our self-value, because of wanting to be liked. Sometimes we create this whole false image online just to appear greater than we are. But why? Like who you are now. It’s already amazing.

This video was a great reminder. Sometimes when I get lost myself, I just jump on youtube to check out Ted Talks. It’s a good hack to do when you get lost in the sauce. If I’m not checking out videos, I search for the people living authentically, and I use them as my points of inspiration to lift me from feeling inadequate, to focus on the bigger picture. I can see and hear that they are genuinely happy, just living and being themselves. Now that’s something worth aspiring for.

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