Read: Streetwear by Steven Vogel

Do you remember the time when you discovered and fell in love with the culture of streetwear? I’m a bit vague with mine. Maybe it was ’05, or ’06 or ’07. The details escape me. But I remember the feeling was real. It could have been that slow type of love. The type that seeps into your being as you watch it grow and evolve over time.

A few weeks ago, I found this book, Streetwear by Steven Vogel, in Amanda and Messie’s house, and it brought back an incredible feeling of nostalgia. I mean, remember those brands with all those different personalities? It was such a time when strong individual identities were coming out through clothing.

I remember back in the day, reading all those blogs and checking out all these brands when they first started coming out. While others survived, and others slowly faded away, I can’t deny the impact of streetwear on my own creative life. I was so friggin’ inspired to create something. So we did, my family did.

I’ve had the pleasure of assisting my siblings in setting up their t-shirt brand Tru Youth, and as they travelled to trade shows they ended up bringing Greyone (from Pasadena) to Manila in 07 under the name Greyone Social, and to further promote the culture, they started Status Magazine in 08 that I edited and wrote for early on.

I’ve witnessed the culture develop within South East Asia, and see it blow-up into this mainstream business worldwide. I’ve even been able to meet a lot of the people who inspired me early and I am incredibly lucky to say I’ve worked with a few. Shit, not bad for a girl from the Philippines.

While things can’t go back to those days, I have this feeling that a new phase of creative culture is coming. Perhaps there is something my generation can contribute or push further to what I witnessed growing up. The internet changed a lot of things you know, but I am starting to see the spirit of a new form of counter-culture emerging. We’ll see.

Anyway, back to the book. I recommend you read it to get a glimpse of early street culture. I loved the interviews. I loved that time. I hope you do too.

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