Click: Asemi Co.

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This week, our friend Lars just launched his brand Asemi. I really had to dive deep into reading more about what Asemic writing/art is and found it fascinating.

“The name Asemi Co. originates from “asemic writing“, a wordless open semantic form of writing. It is up to the reader to interpret the writing, no matter which language he speaks or where he is from.

“Asemic art, after all, represents a kind of language that’s universal and lodged deep within our unconscious minds.” – Satu Kaikkonen

With our creations we want to transport that philosophy over to design, creating products that are universally understood regardless of background or nationality and at the same time keep precious crafts alive in the fast paced world.”- Via Asemi Website

If you know me, you know that I will google anything that has to do with the unconscious/subconscious mind.


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