Reflect: New Views

On Sunday, I woke up and thought, I need to move. That afternoon I ran into my realtor downstairs on the street.

Monday, I sent an e-mail to request for a change. We narrowed it down to a few spots.

Tuesday, I saw new spots.

Wednesday, I got a missed call and multiple e-mails to call them back. I didn’t have time to reply to anyone because I had deadlines to finish.

Thursday, I finally answered and was told that the new place is ready. I started packing that night and slept in the new place.

Friday, I moved more boxes out.

Saturday, I left the keys at the old place.

7 days from thought to reality.

For the record, this has never happened to me. Usually it takes weeks for things like this to shift. Transitions that I feel are important usually take longer to manifest.

But now I swear, Time is an illusion.

And, I’m getting a candle for this place this time.

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