Watch: Jonas Bevacqua of LRG


I remember the days when I was that kid in the Philippines who was watching videos and reading blogs on streetwear (or whatever you call it now) and all I wanted to do (even as a female and I was doing other stuff like modelling and TV hosting in my late teens/early 20s) was jump into that pond and create things.

I remember this video and how it used to inspire me.

I remember waiting for my brother to come home from vacation from LA and bring back Vapors, BPM, Nylon, Juxtapose and Complex Magazine. I remember my ex-boyfriend (oh hi) used to bring back all these brands for me to rock when he came back from university in Sydney (coz the stores there stocked more) and he got me really nice kicks (Nike Jordan Spizikes) that the dudes in school didn’t even have and they thought I was super cool. I remember telling some of the dudes to even google things like Hypebeast, Freshness Mag, SlamXHype, Highsnobiety, Evil Monito, Streetwear Today, Honeyee, The New Order, Being Hunted… etc.

I come back and I see Manila now and things have changed. The kids now adopt certain things on the internet at a faster rate than we did at the time. Trust me, they’re on it.

But I remember the time when in Southeast Asia, but mostly in Manila, there was NOTHING.

@statusmagazine didn’t even exist. My brother and sister created STATUS because we needed something here in this part of the world. I thank my siblings all the time for the doors that they opened for me through their magazine and store @greyonesocial.

Eventually later on, when I was part of the Status team, we got to feature Jonas on the cover of our 3rd issue. It’s the days we look back on how we started in this part of the world that still make me smile.

One day I said, I will connect all these dots all around the world and I will jump into that pond and let people know about this side and where we came from. I wanna tell our story. Guess I’m doing that now.

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