Reflect: Appearances

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”

Disney (despite years of portraying women as needed to be saved my a prince, which I highly disagree with) still did a good job with Beauty and the Beast. A remake is set to premier soon as the trailer is all over my social media. But anyway I digress, I was trying to recall a quote today about appearances and as I googled it I laughed when I realised it was from this film. 

This was my favorite movie when I was a kid and I memorised perhaps all of their songs. Belle is the reason I loved to read because she made reading look cool. (Cut to library scene when The Beast said that all the books were now hers. #points #game #winning)

But in hindsight what I took away, and maybe this is the reason my mom played this over and over and over again for me, was not to judge something or someone by the way it looks. 

So thanks Disney and thanks mom for imparting that knowledge into my brain. I’ve gone through too many experiences of judgement to be able to say, you know what they were right… Beauty really is found within. A perfect shell is nothing when full of emptiness. 

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