Watch: Minimalism | A Documentary About The Important Things


While this is set in America, this is something happening all over the world. I found it very interesting to see this trailer on Facebook because it’s something I deeply resonate with as well in Asia.

There is a growing consciousness I am observing… The things we spend our money on are starting to feel meaningless. “Your not going to get happier by consuming more.” Also, like what was mentioned in the video, consumption isn’t necessarily bad- it’s more of the feeling of compulsory consumption. Being brainwashed to want things and when you acquire them you don’t feel any better.

Why do we want the things we want? Is it special? What is the intention behind it’s creation? Or is it existing because of the false ideology that “More is Better?”

All these things I contemplate in my head. All these sentiments I hold in my heart.

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