Reflect: Me

See this? This is me. It’s not a carefully constructed image. Its not perfectly lighted. It’s not crazy styled with luxurious scenery in the background. It’s not online branding. It’s me. There is no illusion here of how I want you to perceive me. Cool, hot, whatever. Who cares.

No makeup, puffy eyes due to the amount of days I’ve been crying. Exhausted by the amount of energy I’ve been putting into this new journey. Focusing on releasing and healing. Moving to new levels and onto yet again, a new path. 

This road friends, it’s not easy. Being happy isn’t about shoving your problems under the rug and pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s not about quoting Ghandi publicly just for show and then going back to a life thats false. It’s not about chasing things that give you a temporary high. The illusion collapses at the end of the day and we know it. 

It involves a deep cleansing of pain and false, limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto. Consciously or subconsciously. It’s letting go of your egos need to “look good” and “be right.” It’s about honesty. With yourself and others. It’s about expressing your truth. 

It’s beyond form. It’s being transformed. To let go of pain requires you to first acknowledge it exists. Not everyone does that. That’s the real brave thing to do.

No, I’m not joining a cult or religious extremist group. I’m just learning so much that I took this pic to remind myself to stay honest and to stay on course. I actually didn’t even want to share it until a friend of mine said, “Why not? This is you. Don’t care about what people think.” This journey and reconnecting process with my home in Manila is revealing new layers to this life. 


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