Reflect: Play for Love

I just feel so incredibly grateful right now. I went through several weeks of incredibly low points and I feel like I finally bounced back up again. I feel so inspired and I feel like my heart is full. 

Thank you to the people who surrounded me with so much love and support. I feel like I made the most authentic connections with people out there. (Shout out to my limitless fam.) My conversations with them really made me see beneath the facade and into different people’s hearts. My God, they don’t know me and they just met me, and yet they talk to me with so much sincerity and kindness.

A person doesn’t inspire me with perfection. I mean okay, it’s pretty on the outside but what else can we feel? These people that I met during my recent journey inspired me with their story on how they overcame struggle and how they faced their pain. They bravely showed me their realness. They inspired me with what they showed was their priorities in life: family, inner peace, authenticity, love.

Please tell me about how you healed yourself because this is the stuff life is made of.

The daily reminders I received that love exists everywhere- it really healed me and made me see the bigger picture to this game.

The best quote I heard the past weekend was this- “The best game in life…. is Life. Suit up, wear your heart on your sleeve, and play for love.” – my brother Jon.

Bye Manila and I can’t wait to come back.



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  1. matchykoi says:

    Went through a year of struggles and doubting myself because of a mistake. I’m on a healing path and finally I’m seeing things in clearer way. The struggle reminded me that I’m not perfect, that there’s another path for me and there are people I trust dearly. Yes, family and authentic people reminded me that I can continue to love and be loved.

    Another retreat reminded me that forgiveness is about healing, and you do it for your inner peace. Reconciliation between you and the other party may or may not happen and it’s ok. Trust the process.

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