Reflect: The Answer

Love Fully. Thank it. Then let it go. 
We are here but to experience love. That’s it. Thy self. Thy Neighbor. And that being up there guiding us all.

Loving one another helps you understand yourself better. You see yourself in another person that’s why there is a strong connection. However, the process involves truth. The deepest, scariest scars of your past will come up to the surface for chance to be healed, finally asking for its own dissolution. 

For some, the light on their own darkness will be too much to bear. Besides, the ego loves the story. The pity. The pain. The attention. Without it, the ego cannot exist. It’s their operating system. So, the ego avoids the uncomfortable confrontation. Run, run away, and run fast. 

For others, they face it head on, diving into cut after cut with the release of old belief systems and triggers, knowing that there has to be a better way to live. Knowing this was all an experience to understand love. The soul welcomes it. The healing takes place. Sit, stay, breathe, and keep breathing.

We are all here to shed love, and light, on one another. At the same time, we trigger one another with the pain we need to heal. Whether one decides to flee or face it is always decision for their own soul growth. But know that everything is already set to repeat itself if we don’t face it now. This is an extremely transformational process in this journey. 

Sometimes I feel like life is just one big simulation for us to find (or feel) these answers. God is up there creating situations that test what you know. If you learn the lesson you move on to a new experience. If not, you repeat the experience again in a new situation. The characters wear different robes with different names, but the story is the same. 

Tonight I am learning to let go of old stories. Okay Victoria, breathe, what is the lesson?

Love fully. Thank it. Then let it go.

Just some Saturday night thoughts. 

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