Reflect: Wings

My friend and I were skipping around Central after we attended a talk. It was one of those light nights, where we walk with a feeling of exploration versus hurriedness. He saw the wings from the corner of his eye and said, “Hey V, lets a pic of you in front of this.”

Wings have been a major theme in my life the past few years. I’ve always loved stories of angels. I’ve always loved taking long-haul flights and being in the air. I’ve always loved the feelings of lightness, fluidity and freedom. I resonate greatly with feathers. I’ve posed in front of different movie posters or art prints of wings before- but never in front of a gorgeous, full-scale sculpture of wings. This pic felt like a metaphor for my life at the moment- golden, free, limitless.

Releasing burdens and pain from the past is so healing for me.

The artists statement beside this piece was this, “The human being who experiences the Wings is the one who has been granted use of them for life, an empowering capability that allows him or her to ex-perience the countless tongues and cultures of different societies. Those who wear the Wings are given ownership of them, a gift to imagine the endless possibilities surrounding their existence.” (Wings of Mexico by Jorge Marin)

Ready for the next flight.

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